The BIPOC Guide
to the Outdoors

BY Lily Ruiz Senior Lead Communications Consultant, VP, Bank of the West  
Lola Méndez (Research)
Jacky Sheridan (Illustration)
Aoife O’Dwyer (Design)

Feb 1st 2021

Americans say whites are the most common race they see in advertising, and they say the dominant gender role is male. But as the saying goes, Madison Avenue is not Main Street, nor is it the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail.

America’s campsites, bike paths, and hiking trails tell a different story of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in the outdoors:

While a growing number of BIPOC adventurers are taking to the rivers, trails, mountains, and woods, it can still be a challenge to find others to connect with in-person. BIPOC community groups foster connections among like-minded people from afar, affirming for outdoor enthusiasts of color that they belong out there, too.

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Lily Ruiz Senior Lead Communications Consultant, VP, Bank of the West

Lily Ruiz is a content strategist with a background in CSR and Community Development. She also spent several years managing media relations at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She’s on the board of Bay Area Wilderness Training, a nonprofit promoting access to the outdoors for low-income families and youth of color. On weekends, you’ll usually find her hiking the Sonoma Coast headlands.

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