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Mar 3rd 2023

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How to Buy an Electric Vehicle: The EV Shopper’s Guide to the Galaxy

Mar 3rd 2023

Thinking of getting an electric vehicle? You’re in good company. Over 70 percent of American consumers say they are interested in getting an EV. And, now, more automakers are making more models at lower sticker prices.

Yet, there are still lots of questions:

  • How many EVs are on the road today?
  • What is the forecast for EV adoption?
  • How many types, brands, and models of EVs are there?
  • Are EVs really better for the environment?
  • How do you charge an EV?
  • Are all EV chargers the same?
  • Do EVs pay a road tax?
  • What are the financial perks to buying an EV

Here, we’ll answer lots of those questions. Whether you’re actively looking to buy or lease an EV, considering it down the road, or just interested in learning about your options—you’ve come to the right place. (Sources are included in the footnotes)

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Sam Laird Bank of the West

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Any EV model will help you save on gas, but you do need to charge it. How does that work?

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Now a big question: Will you save money?

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