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Aug 26th 2021

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How to Buy an Electric Vehicle: The EV Shopper’s Guide to the Galaxy

Aug 26th 2021

In early 2021, Volvo and General Motors announced plans to manufacture exclusively electric vehicles by 2030 and 2035, respectively. Two of the world’s biggest automakers going all-electric—if there were lingering doubts that electric vehicles are the future, perhaps this put it to rest.

Yet, when it comes to electric vehicles, details are still somewhat vague for the everyday person. Questions abound. For example:

  • How many electric vehicles are on the road today?
  • What is the forecast for electric vehicles adoption over the next several years?
  • How many types, brands, and models of electric vehicles are there?
  • Are electric vehicles better for the environment?
  • How do you charge an electric vehicle?
  • Are all electric vehicle chargers the same?
  • Do electric vehicles pay road tax?
  • What are the financial perks to buying an EV?

Here, we’ll answer those questions and more. Whether you’re actively looking to buy an electric vehicle, casually considering it, or just interested in learning more about your options—you’ve come to the right place. (Sources are included in the footnotes)

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