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Numbers to Know for Summer Travel Season

BY Jim Cole & Julie Davitz Bank of the West

May 6th 2021

Summer travel is on our minds as we head toward Memorial Day Weekend, when typically around 3 million Americans fly somewhere. Emerging from the pandemic and with more than 100 million Americans now vaccinated, travel is on the rebound. Next time you buckle up for takeoff, here are a few #NumbersToKnow.

  1. Portion of CO2 emissions globally that come from transportation: ¼

  2. Percentage drop in CO2 emissions from aviation in 2020: 40%

  3. Drop in total global emissions during 2020: 7%

  4. Percent of CO2 emissions the US intends to cut by 2030: 50%

  5. Percent of emissions China intends to cut by 2030: 65%

  6. Percent of emissions UK intends to cut by 2035: 80%

  7. Year US airline industry says it will reach zero emissions: 2050

  8. Year private aviation company VistaJet plans to reach zero emissions: 2025

  9. Gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) US airlines need by 2030 to achieve their zero-emissions goal: 2,000,000,000

  10. Annual percent increase in SAF production US airlines will need to reach their zero-emissions goal: 84%

  11. Percent of Americans who would be willing to drive less to fight climate change: 57%

  12. Percent of Americans willing to take public transit to fight climate change: 42%

  13. Percent of Americans who plan to travel more post-pandemic than pre-pandemic: 65%

*Sources below in footnotes

Numbers to Know for Biden’s Climate Summit 04/19/2021

Heading into President Biden’s Climate Summit with other world leaders on April 22 & 23, here’s the latest info and attitudes from around the world on climate change and the future of our planet.

  1. Number of the world’s 202 nations that have committed to net-zero: 124

  2. Number of nations that have put their net-zero commitment into law: 7

  3. Percent of Italians who say we are facing a climate emergency: 81%

  4. Percent of Americans who say we are facing a climate emergency: 65%

  5. Percent of Americans in 2016 who said humans were causing global warming: 65%

  6. Percent of Americans today who say humans are causing global warming: 64%

  7. Percent of Americans in 2016 who said the effects of global warming were already happening: 59%

  8. Percent of Americans today who say the effects of global warming are already happening: 59%

  9. Percent of carbon emissions caused by household consumption: 75%

  10. Percent of household carbon emissions coming from richest 10% of world’s population: 50%

  11. Number of tree species native only to Europe: 454

  12. Percent of European tree species facing extinction: 58%

  13. Acres lost globally to deforestation each year since 2015: 24.7 million

  14. Percent of companies taking at least one action to protect forests in their supply chains: 93%

  15. Percent of companies using “best practices” to protect forests: 1%

  16. Percent of Americans who support a Civilian Climate Corps for young people to work on conservation: 60%


By The Numbers 04/02/2021

  1. The year global gasoline consumption is believed to have peaked: 2019

  2. The year Shell’s oil production peaked: 2019

  3. The year India’s coal power use may have peaked: 2018

  4. The year GM plans to offer 100% electric vehicles: 2035

  5. Amount GM plans to spend in next 5 years to produce 100% EVs by 2035: $27,000,000,000

  6. The most Americans say they’re willing to pay for an electric vehicle: $25,000

  7. Average cost of an electric car in 2019: $55,600

  8. Tons of CO2 emitted annually by a typical superyacht (with a permanent crew, helicopter pad, submarines and pools): 7,020

  9. Number of billionaires who made enough money during the pandemic to vaccinate the entire world: 10

  10. Percent of CO2 emissions tied to global food waste: 10%

  11. Percent of food worldwide that was wasted in 2019: 17%

  12. Amount wealthy countries committed to give to poorer countries annually by 2020 to fight global warming: $100,000,000,000

  13. Amount wealthy countries actually gave to poorer countries in 2018 to fight global warming: $78,900,000,000

  14. Percentage of large investors that use climate data to manage risk: 50%


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