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Jul 15th 2022

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Video: California Dairy Farmer Turns Manure Into Clean Energy and a New Business Model

Jul 15th 2022

Third-generation farmer Steve Shehadey, owner of California’s Bar 20 Dairy, has seen his share of business challenges. But high energy costs had made the volatile dairy business even more difficult. He knew one way to help Bar 20 survive for the next generation was to stabilize cash flow.

This is the story of how Shehadey would strengthen his dairy and redefine how clean energy can be used on American farms.

Through a first-of-its-kind project, Bar 20 partnered with CalBio and Bloom Energy to use methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and a byproduct of cow manure, to create electricity in fuel cells. The renewable energy powers Bar 20 (a Bank of the West client) and provides electricity for thousands of automaker BMW’s electric vehicles.

See Bar 20 Dairy’s story here.

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