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What on Earth Is Your Company’s Bank Financing?

Aug 24th 2020

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Do you know how much the four biggest U.S. banks invested in the fossil fuel industry over the past four years? More than $810 billion to finance Arctic drilling, fracking, shale and tar sands mining, and other environmentally destructive activities, according to the Rainforest Action Network’s Banking on Climate Change report.

With the climate crisis at hand, some business leaders are exploring alternative energy sources, carbon offsetting programs, recycling, upcycling, and many other ways to bring sustainability into their operations. But how many have considered the way their banks also play a critical role in their sustainable supply chain?

Hear the story behind the sustainable finance wake-up call from leaders at Marmot, Keen Footwear, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Storm Creek, Fair Trade USA, 1% for the Planet, the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and others.*

Find out how the choices that companies make about who they bank with can have an impact on the planet’s health.


* Sustainable Ocean Alliance and Fair Trade USA are customers of Bank of the West.

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