Infographic: How Climate Change Is Costing Your Company

BY Jim Cole Managing Editor
Means & Matters
Molly O’Conner

Jun 16th 2021

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Be Aware of the Physical Risks Today and in the Future 

2016: Louisiana Floods

The Economic Impact of the August 2016 Floods on the State of Louisiana:

2017: Texas Hurricane

Texas A&M University/South Texas Economic Development Center

2018: California Wildfire

CAL FIRE “Camp Fire Overview”

2019: Colorado Hailstorms

Verisk “The Hail Hazard and the Impact on Property Insurance” (page 6)

2020: National Disasters

NOAA “2020 U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in historical context”

Taking Action

Colorado State University “Helping the Ski Industry with Better Climate Data”

As You Prepare for Physical Risks, Remember Your Supply Chain

CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020 “Transparency to Transformation: a Chain Reaction” (PP 13, 9, 22)

After Physical and Supply Chain Threats, Get Ready for the Transition to a Green Economy

By 2025, there could be 27 times more electric trucks on US roadways.

Environmental Defense Fund “Financing the Transition: Unlocking Capital to Electrify Truck and Bus Fleets”

By 2030, at least 15 states will require 30% of trucks, buses, and vans sold to be zero-emission vehicles.

By 2045 California intends to make a statewide transition to zero-emission trucks and to generate 100% of electricity from renewable resources.

California Energy Commission “Renewables Portfolio Standard”

By 2050, Los Angeles intends to have zero-carbon transportation, zero-carbon buildings, a zero-carbon electrical grid, zero waste, and zero wasted water.

LA’s Green New Deal “Targets”

Taking Action

UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation “The Role of Community Choice Aggregators in Advancing Clean Energy Transitions”

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