How Much Do Outdoor Enthusiasts Care About Climate Change? Text

Sep 18th 2020

People in the US spend nearly $890 billion on outdoor recreation annually. However, besides a passion for the outdoors, what else can bring outdoor enthusiasts together? Fighting climate change. Turns out this is a cause with unique potential to unite outdoor businesses and their customers.

Bank of the West-sponsored research explains how and why. Check out the results below of a survey of more than 2,100 outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor enthusiasts don’t fit a stereotype

• 40% identify as Democrat
• 31% identify as Republican
• 29% identify as Independent

Yet, most agree on these things

• 90% believe climate change is caused by humans
• 75% seek guidance on how to save their lifestyle
• 74% believe advocacy groups and outdoor brands are part of the solution

They already take varying actions for the planet

• Reduce waste
94% likely to / already recycle, reduce waste, or pick up litter
• Talk about action
77% likely to / already talk to peers about acting locally
• Land preservation
75% likely to / already actively support legislation protecting public lands
• Carbon reduction
74% likely to / already actively support legislation on carbon emissions
• Donate to causes
70% likely to / already donate to environmental / climate causes
• Volunteer for climate
64% likely to / already volunteer for climate change organizations
• Drive hybrids or EVs
63% likely to / already drive a hybrid or electric vehicle

But outdoor enthusiasts know that more needs to be done. They just need help learning how they can be more effective:

• Carbon footprint
82% want to learn individual ways to reduce their carbon footprint
• Getting started
76% want direction on where to start on such a big issue
• Climate advocacy
74% want help learning to be a more effective climate advocate
• Networking
70% want help connecting with like-minded people in the outdoor sports community
• Amplifying community’s voice
69% want help amplifying the outdoor community’s voice on climate
• Connecting politically
65% want help connecting with their representatives

The takeaway?

Outdoor enthusiasts are a passionate, eager audience that’s ready to learn more about what they can do to help deal with climate change. They are also potential customers for businesses with similar values.

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