The Mighty Bin: I Want to Make a Low-waste Lifestyle Easy

BY Jon Bell Author & Outdoor Enthusiast

Mar 11th 2021

Not long ago, Isabelle DeMillan decided to experiment with zero-waste living. And once she got into it—avoiding packaging, reducing, and reusing as much as possible—the more excited she became about the lifestyle.

“I realized what a big impact individual actions can achieve,” she says. “I was so excited about it, and I wanted to share with everyone.’

Isabelle started sharing her zero-waste lifestyle on Instagram. The deeper she got into the practice, the more challenges she discovered.

“There are just no resources out there to help you,” Isabelle says. “It really frustrated me that I would get excited about one change, and then I would have to spend hours researching. And then I’d go to the store, and it would take hours to try to find things.”

So Isabelle decided to build the resource she was missing. That’s why she’s launching a zero-waste grocery store in San Diego called The Mighty Bin.

Set to open this spring, The Mighty Bin plans to offer local organic products, personal care items, and household goods. There will be no packaging save for glass jars, and most items will be available in gravity dispensers or bins. Customers will be able to bring in their own containers for filling, or they can buy or borrow reusable containers on site. The store plans to work with local vendors and offer a compost drop-off service.

And it will be easy.

I just want to make it as easy as possible for people to adopt a lower-waste lifestyle

The Mighty Bin is taking aim at a human activity—grocery shopping—known for a big environmental footprint:


Unaware that a bank could be sustainable, Isabelle heard about Bank of the West from her marketing partner, Erika Rodriguez of Nadi Marketing. After learning about the bank’s sustainable policies and actions, including not investing in fossil fuels, Isabelle eagerly signed on.

“It’s just so easy to put your money in a place that’s actually giving back,” she says. “It’s just really an easy way for you to make a change.”

Learn more about Bank of the West’s actions on sustainability here.

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